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Ronald Jenkees

2010-11-17 15:02:56 by FlaggedOnArrival

Hey Newgrounds, Just felt like writing a short post here, If you haven't checked this guy out, DO IT! I'll tell you what, the level of fun and excitement that just emanates from him while he plays is simply amazing. I'm going through some rough times right now, and thankfully I have my girlfriend to lean on, but I'll tell you what, if not for this guy's level of excitement and all around fun, I'd be in a lot worse shape than I am! Remember, Have fun, and life life to make you happy!!

Breaks over :|

2010-10-31 00:16:14 by FlaggedOnArrival

Time to get back to work!

Time for a break.

2010-10-25 11:37:28 by FlaggedOnArrival

I've been pretty much non-stop composing for a week now and It's high time i spend a couple days with my family. Love ya newgrounds, and I'll be back in a couple days.

If you're a zero bomber, I hope YOU die in a fire. Give an honest opinion. Maybe you'll get one in return. Don't just go around ZERO bombing every submission that's 1 place above yours or 2 places above yours simply just because it's "oh noes" and makes you feel like an idiot because you're not number 4 or 3 in the list. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

I left once before, and deleted ALL of my music because of zero bombers, but NOT this time. You can't force your way into the top spots. I'm here to stay, and I hope all of your other victims are as well!

In conclusion: GROW A PAIR.

Now on FaceBook!

2010-10-22 09:44:33 by FlaggedOnArrival


Custom Music!

2010-09-26 15:18:53 by FlaggedOnArrival

Send me a message telling me what kind of music you want, how long you want it to be, and whether or not you are willing to put me in the creds.

I am currently working on music to submit to companies such as UbiSoft, Z-Axis, Raven, and other third-party developers.
If you send me a request I will still work on it as well as I can without hurting my deadlines for these companies.

I'm Back!

2010-09-25 12:23:35 by FlaggedOnArrival

I've decided to bring my music back to newgrounds. Although my past music is just that, in the past. I will be uploading new tracks periodically and hope to get some good reviews.

Also: I'm back to reviewing as well, if you have a piece you want rated and reviewed send the link in a message and i'll listen or look at it! :)

I think im done uploading music on this site.

2010-03-23 21:38:26 by FlaggedOnArrival

For no reason at all, one person with an absurdly high voting power has something against me, maybe it's because my music is better than his and he's jealous, or maybe it's because he knows who i am and just doesn't like me, or maybe it's someone i left a review they just didn't like, because they cant handle constructive criticism, but whatever the case is, he or she is just a lame fag-tastic moron who doesn't appreciate music.

I thought newgrounds was supposed to be a place for people to gather and submit and review and generally help each other out, but this is fucking ridiculous.

To those who have supported me, thank you very much. You will be missed...

Farewell newgrounds.

New song coming soon!

2010-03-23 10:05:38 by FlaggedOnArrival

Between work, wife, and children i haven't had much time to myself to make music lately, but i will be getting a break here soon! (Hopefully). The song is going to be a story of two lovers lost in themselves, then torn apart, then reunited, but by all means, think about whatever your heart desires when you hear it!


2010-03-22 22:35:12 by FlaggedOnArrival

The problems have been fixed, as you may or may not have noticed i've uploaded 3 new songs, maybe 4 since then, im not sure... just too much going on around the house lately, between work, wife, and children lol.