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Ren and Stimpy, circa 1947. 4 stars, good job :P

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahaha

All my 5 are belong to this.

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I gave it this rating because all of the elements of a great game are here, all accounted for.
I love the concept of this being an app.

I don't really have any constructive criticism to place at this time O.o

Keep up the good work!

duckbridge responds:

Thank you! :)
Yeah we'll also make an Android version and iOS version for this(for free), if you want to stay updated you can follow us on twitter!

I gave the game a two because I feel it could be improved a lot. It's just not as fluid as i'd have expected, it takes WAY too long to die, the weapon's dynamics need to be improved, graphics are okay for a Unity game, and there is no BGM. (feel free to browse my audio if you need music.)

Overall, I feel this game actually has a lot of potential. What you have here is a decent "rough-draft" version.

Keep at it, there is definitely hope for this game yet, and I have faith in you!

apachecd responds:

Thank you for you review, it is very kind of you. We are working on improve it. Your advice help a lot.

it wasnt as hard as you made it sound out with the text on top, though that was funny at times. To make it harder you should add some spinning pieces, let the user move side to side, and generally make the levels progressively longer than they already are. I was expecting more of a challenge, but i finished in less than 2 minutes lol. all in all i give you a solid 3 of 5rating and a 3.5/5 stars, because i certainly think you can improve upon this and make it more "unique". good job and good luck.

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Not sure why you don't have a lot of self confidence man. Have you heard your music? I mean truly sat back and listened to it? There's no steam roll invloved in this group, it's anyone's game! (Although JacobCadmus might have about an inch on us... but not much)

You do great work man, I can really relax to this song and drink my cup of morning coffee, sit next to the fireplace and smoke a cigarette, and for once be worry-free. Thanks for that btw :)

johnfn responds:

Haha the thing is that when I listen to my own music I usually hate it :p NO SELF CONFIDENCE EVER

Thanks for the nice review :-)

Inspiring! Excited to hear more from you during the NGADM. Good luck in the judging phase and future rounds!

I feel ur pain on the zero bombers man, but that's not the reason I voted you a 5/5. I consider myself somewhat of a classical and orchestral connoissuer . I listened to your song twice before typing this review, so as to properly portray any emotional or logical stimulus.

Intro - Two words? Simplistically deafening. Piano was a wonderful choice. Good pad work. Great build up into 1:08.

1:08 - The drum roll was superb, yet lacking a certain element. For some reason, the description I want to portray eludes me at this moment. Loving your choice of brass here. It successfully captivates me. Smooth transition to 1:22.

1:22 - Superb pad build up and transition into 1:26.

1:26 - At this moment in your arrangement, I half expected to hear a different melody, possibly something that matched your intro a tad better. like being able to split the track into sections, and take 0:00 - 1:08, put it along side 1:26's melody and be mindblown. However, that being said, still a good choice of melody, which nicely compliments the entire song and all of it's changes.

1:56 - Very sudden, abrupt, and abrassive change of pace for my tastes. I would relate it to being immediately snapped out of a trance. Not entirely bad, but not entirely good either.

1:56 - 2:25 - Very good usage of strings, piano, and woodwinds.

2:25 - I couldn't have chosen a better primary transition however, you use the same sound later on, during a main phase of the arrangement. Very risky, but powerful and bold.

2:46 - Those drum beats. Those single hits. Remember earlier in the song when I was snapped out of my trance? I take it back. This just completed a cycle, full 360ยบ.

3:09 - This part of the arrangement was very provocative for me. I love the fact that you incorporated a reverse build into the coda.

3:18 - Successful coda. Your piece was brought together in my opinion, by this essential part.

Now to the critique.

I feel as if I'm left wanting. There were certain elements that were just not there. Although you seem to have a mastery over the genre, I felt as if it were prescribed. Not in the sense that I didn't enjoy the music, because I enjoyed it quite a bit however, I assumed from your first transition to hear an epic crescendo later on in the piece. There elements for it were there, but they weren't brought together. They were placed in different areas.

Overall, I'm giving you a 5/5 review vote, and a 5/5 rank vote. Thank you for your work, and I look forward to seeing it throughout the rest of the NGADM. I am glad to have you as a competitor!

Take heart, this is not an official review. lol.

papkee responds:

I wouldn't even come close to saying I have mastery over the genre, I've been doing this for three years. :P

This is up there as one of the best reviews I've received in quite some time. Recently I've been putting forth much more effort in my music, and it really is paying off. I'm glad you like it, and I do agree with many of your little issues with the song. It's always nice to hear someone say something more than just "good song i liek" as a review.

Once again thanks for the review and good luck as well in the competition!

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