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So... I just saw a preview for a movie called "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer"... It saddens me to know that this is what our society deems "Acceptable Entertainment". The crude attempt to sully a great name with exploits that could never have conceivably happened, let alone involving a race of creatures that there has never, nor will ever be any proof that shows they exist. Has the film industry been reduced so low? Have they run out of good idea's and now rely upon a monkey throwing darts to choose the "next big thing"? Shame on you, Hollywood.

The size of our military at the moment is most easily related to an old fat guy eating a cheeseburger, thanks to Obama/Bush. With Dr. Paul in office you can expect our military to get back into the shape of a 29 year old muscular, athletic, weight lifting, power cycling, jogging, healthy and fit man. The way it SHOULD be. Mitt Romney on the other hand... He likes the old fat cheeseburger eating military shape.

How is everyone doing this fine day?

2012-05-22 18:19:29 by FlaggedOnArrival

I'm swell :)

32,768... why would i need that many characters in a post? That's such a random number too! You couldn't make it an even 33,000? Thats like a slap in the face to all of us OCD's out there... Even then, It's not like i'm writing a novel on a newgrounds post, if anything i'd do that on facebook... Newgrounds, why you not give better number?

That's right, I've made and uploaded 50 tracks. Next hurdle; 100. Time to get to work!

Now accepting requests

2012-02-20 18:55:21 by FlaggedOnArrival

I am currently in a position to spend some time on projects for your videos / games / etc. etc.

If you would like a custom track organized / arranged / produced please message me with the information.

Love ya NG


I'm gonna be a daddy again! Yup. She's 6 - 8 weeks pregnant! Yay us ;) I love you crystal but... if it's a boy,IM NAMING IT! hehe.

Zero Bombing

2012-02-15 13:42:31 by FlaggedOnArrival

You know why you do it. You do it because you're jealous. Everyone knows it. Little do you realize, people consider it a sign that the music you just zero bombed is truly great, you're just sad because you dont get attention ;) it's okay. we love you anyways.

Flash Flash Revolution

2012-01-28 07:10:41 by FlaggedOnArrival

Add me to your list of approved permissions.


2011-01-18 23:24:50 by FlaggedOnArrival

I know there are some of you out there wondering why I haven't been around lately, or uploading any new music lately... The reason is simple! I haven't had internet for almost two months now! yay me! Now that I have internet, I need to set up everything I used before to create with, onto this new piece of shit computer... fun fun fun... Oh yeah, I moved :) I got away from that idiot I call my ex and am now living with my new old girlfriend. new and old because i used to date her like six years ago XD. Oh yeah, I'm gonna be a daddy again too! So... Seeing as I have all of this on my plate, I am dropping all projects I've been working on. Including Collaborations and movies. Sorry guys, family is more important. I'll still work on some music here and there eventually, but until i get my life in order, my Newgrounds music making endeavors are officially on HIATUS. Love ya though Newgrounds. Pray for me? lol!