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From now on I'll be doing soundtracks for your flash videos/games. Just message me the details as to what you require, and I'll come up with what you need.

New song coming soon, Orchestral + Cinematic. Gonna rock ur socks hopefully.

Making music must be some sort of addiction. Maybe I should check into rehab!

I start composing again?

Big news!

1/6/13 by FlaggedOnArrival
Updated 9/13/13

My Fiance is pregnant... Again!...O.o...!!!

Looks like I will have to eventually compose one more track.

Edited on September 13th 2013:

Kody was born on the 4th, and I've just finished uploading his song. Ma 'Tilo. Which coincidentally happens to be his nickname ^^

Cant believe I've lasted this long. Here's to another year of living!

Kokonoe Rin of the FFR Community. Thanks for the fun games m8!

So... I just saw a preview for a movie called "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer"... It saddens me to know that this is what our society deems "Acceptable Entertainment". The crude attempt to sully a great name with exploits that could never have conceivably happened, let alone involving a race of creatures that there has never, nor will ever be any proof that shows they exist. Has the film industry been reduced so low? Have they run out of good idea's and now rely upon a monkey throwing darts to choose the "next big thing"? Shame on you, Hollywood.